this is my life
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2001-09-05 05:59:46 (UTC)

:::jus got off the phone with fratboy:::

i hate him. he's so retarded. why the fuck do guys act so
nice and then turn out to be such dumbasses? i dont fucking
understand. goddamn, hes dumb. and hes made me dumb. im
still chasing after him...why?? because he was so wonderful
when he visited over the summer, and i totally fell for
him...and i honestly felt like everything was right for
once in my life. i was waaay off.
up until that phone conversation, i had a decent day. the
sunset looked awesome and i took some picures of it with my
ex's roommates digital camera. seeing that sunset actually
put me in a good mood, jus seeing something natural and
beautiful like that is so cool.
i am on the brink of writing fratboy a really bitchy email
telling him exactly how i feel about this whole situation.
ive tried to keep my cool in hopes of giving him the space
and time he needs so things will work out, but i cant
handle it anymore. i need to fucking know what is going on.
i am seriously about to go out of my mind.

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