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2003-01-01 14:18:54 (UTC)

New years Eve 2002/2003

Damn, I have one hell of a headache this morning. I’m not
used to drinking that much. Think I might have overdone it
yesterday…or should I say today. Got home at 6 am. It was
like I predicted: Met up with the crew, headed for the
square, and ended up at some dorm party at NUY. It was
kinda fun, though, I think. I don’t really remember all of
it. Matt was there, too, and he said that I couldn’t walk
down the stairs of the building. There’s usually a guard at
the entrance of the building, but he was probably busy
keeping other drunk ppl away from the place, so we were
lucky. Outside Matt apparently gave me loads of water and
we sat down. That’s where my memory kicks in again. It’s
not really pleasant to have a big black hole in your
memory. I’ll NEVER drink that much again. OK, everyone says
that, don’t they? But it was just the second time I was
drunk. The other time was 2 weeks ago. That was more fun,
though, because my headache wasn’t so bad the morning
after. My parents and both of my brothers have major
hangovers too, so Jason and I share my bed and watch TV
together, sharing what’s left of our memories of last night
and Matt is still sleeping in his room. Mom and Dad are
downstairs trying to eat something, I think. Our brownstone
is really lively this morning. Haha.. NOT! I don’t hope any
of my friends come over today. Wouldn’t want for them to
see me like this. We all look like shit. It really isn’t
any fun.

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