Dana N Ashley

Dana N Ashley
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2001-09-05 05:09:22 (UTC)

Heart Broken!


Well tonight i just got into a fight with kenny...at first
i asked him if we were really going out n he side yea but
then i hung up on him cause i really didnt wanna hear his
shit(long story)...so later he calls back so we started
talkin...or fighting what ever u wanna call it...then he
calls me a bitch and told me he didnt want anything to do
with me...
so like i said before guys are nuthin but dick
heads they have no idea what they frigin do to us gurls
they dont give a shyte if they make u wanna kill ur self by
laying in the middle of the street..like i just did
b4..waiting for a car to fkkin run over me...so tonite me
and dana decided to spend one of our last nights of summer
being depressed over josh and kenny...sounds like a whole lot of
frigin fun doesnt it?!?!.. i dont even no half the reasons why i am
so depressed over him!..acutually i think i do..MAYBE CAUSE IM
FREAKIN IN LOVE WITH THE GUY!!..i cant take it ne more...for the
last past like three hours ive been doing nuthin but thinkin of kenny
and how much i wanna be with him and how much i shouldnt have said
any thing to him about what he so called sed to my reliable source's
reliabile source because he told me he never sed that...so i guess
its my fault...not his...once i hung up the fone with him....for
probly the last time..i relized how it felt to be with out him...i
wanted to fkkin shoot my self!!i was so upset!...while i was going
out with him there wasnt a single minute of the day that went by that
i wasnt thinking about him and there still isnt he is ALL i think
about and i was also thinkin that maybe he was my special some one
lol....well i doubt that we will ever getback together(i hope we do
someday)maybe everything happens for the best but if it does i think
me and kenny would go back out...i've been doing nothing so far
tonite but sitting
hear and crying over him! before i made dana call him just so i can
hear his voice..pretty sad huh ?..heh more like pathetic! i guess its
pretty obviouse that im gunna be obsessed and IN LOVE with him for a
while ya think?...well im gunna go think bout kenny some more n be
depressed over him for the rest of the frigin day! kenny if ur
reading this or if u ever do(which i really hope u dont) i love
you...peace xox