2001-09-05 05:05:35 (UTC)

Love hurts with people you thought was good.

i was going out with this guy for alittle over a year(BTW,
he's a long distance boyfriend). i haven't got to see him
for almost 4 months. so my friend said she was gonna drive
me over to see him (which is about 215 miles away) well i
didn't talk to him for about 2 weeks, he didn't know i was
coming, it was gonna be a surprise, as i thought. Then one
of his best friends talked to me over the internet about my
boyfriend is telling everyone he is going out with this
other chick, and totally is lieng to me. well his best
friend, Joey, and I got into some really deep
conversations. he told me he has had a crush on me since
the first time he laid eyes on me. I told him that i did
too, but i didn't want to admit it because i was going out
with his best friend. anyways. my friend took me over there
to confront my boyfriend. and afterwards Joey and i were
thinking of going out. When i finally got over there, we
couldn't find my "soon to be ex" anywhere, Joey drove both
me and my friend over to his house, so i could pick up a
few things, and say hello to his mom (his mom loves me).
His mom told me he was out of town and he wouldn't be back
for a couple a days or so, so before i left, i left him
little note telling him he is the biggest asshole and it's
through between us, i also told him if he wanted to be
friends that was ok but he would probably not gain my trust
ever again.(all this happend about around August 15).
anyways, me and Joey hung out together alot, and i had big
time butterflies when ever he go to hold my hand. Joey and
i Have been together for less then a month, but i've never
been so happy in my life to be with someone who's real
honest. i've only seen him once over the summer since we've
been together, now that school is just about to start in a
couple of days, i don't know when i'll get to see him. This
school year will be my last, after that i'm going straight
to the Art Institute.
Well i'm gonna go now, before i start to bore people to