as the Oval turns
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2001-09-05 04:56:34 (UTC)

Cute Dudes, Cute Dudes

Song of the Season: "Baby Give it Up" - KC & the Sunshine Band

In short...b/c of my need for sleep...I have been going
through RA training, and unfortunately, my staff is pretty
cute on the whole. There's a couple of Christians that
I've peeped out, cool, with God, etc...but I don't see them
as a romantic opp as much as having some bros in Christ
that I can network with and spread Jesus Christ's message
with. Then my Co-RA "Brad," is pretty cute, sorta tall and
lanky, with brown hair and blue eyes (a mutant...definitely
my type physically)...but there is no way I'm going for
him. First of all I don't think he's with the Lord,
secondly, if I remember correctly he has a gf, and third,
he smokes, and I think that's disgusting. But I'm not
looking to go down that road w/my fellow RAs anyhow, and
especially my Co...that'll be too weird and I'm trying to
rid my life of drama.

Speaking of drama, guess who's in my fall quarter
philosophy class? Pacey, of course...damn. It's a two-day
a week class first thing in the morn at I
really need to see Pacey's shining face that early in the
morning. I'll already see him on Thursday nights with our
large-group IV meetings, and on home-game football
Saturdays. I tell ya...cute dudes, cute dudes, cute dudes
in the morn, cute dudes in the evening, cute dudes in IV,
cute dudes on my staff, cute dudes, cute dudes...too many
cute dudes...