Jim Diary
2001-09-05 04:28:19 (UTC)

September 4, 2001

Well, it's a sunny day out there today, also kinda nervous
cause it's the first day back to school since I withdrew
school on...probably around mid-march.

Luckily, the school was only for an hour today, so it was
kinda easy to get over it.....hehe.

During the first class, met a guy from China (not my type
and not HOT either...hehe)We didn't talk much, but I
thought he was nice. But who knows?

It's the "opening day" of my diary..hehe So I'm not going
to write that much, because I was tired. I woke up at 7am,
because I usually woke up at 9am or 10am during the
holiday. But I was surprised that I opened my eyes before
the clock rings...hehe. which is around 6.55am

Going to have a tough year in the future, cause I'm having
a really early morning class like last year, starts at
7.30am. And it's really tough during winter cause it was
so F...ing cold in the morning, I wish i could get a bf to
hug me when I wake up..hehe

That's all for now.