The Shadow of Myself
2001-09-05 04:27:02 (UTC)

when I want something...

I sometimes find it hard to have patience. I get to the
point where I want it and I want it now. I don't really
like being that way. I mean.. it's ok to want things.. or
things to happen.. but I just shouldn't dwell like I do

I wonder what it is about those things that make you want
them so bad.. what is it? Or maybe thats part of the
appeal... not knowing what that thing is.. that drives your
desire. Whatever it is.. I'm sure that you'll always have
it.. that you'll always want something.. or someone.
Expecially the things.. and the ones.. that you can't
have. There is just something about wanting the things you
can't have.. it's like wanted to do something that everyone
tells you not to do. I'm not sure what that is about

I also just want to say (this really has nothing to do with
the about 2 paragraphs) that I enjoy small things. Little
suprises.. or sweet gestures... from right out of nowhere
are just the greatest thing. It makes my day... a lot.
There are certain people out there.. who know exactly the
right things to do.. and say that just like.. totally wows

I also appreciate when certian people are quick enough to
catch on to my sometimes TOO subtle hints about certain
things. When someone can understand my game.. and play it
along with me... that makes my happy. Just as long as I
can still win... :) B/c thats all that matters... (not
really thats sorta an inside joke)

Well.. umm.. Miami is a lot of fun. I am getting more
comfortable here each day. However.. I would just like to
say that classes are stupid. Dorm life is very
interesting.. showering with shoes is not fun.. but
necessary.. the food is good sometimes.. there are a lot of
cute guys.. but I have yet to find the cute nices ones..
there is always something to do.. you almost always stay up
late.. and get up early.. I now see how you gain 15 lbs.
b/c wow.. you order a lot of pizza.. and I am also starting
to see how people say this is the best time of your life.

That'll do...