Alisha's Journal
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2003-01-01 06:25:49 (UTC)

New Year

Well, Here's my new year resolution:
To not spend New Year's Eve alone, meaning without
a friend AT LEAST with me.

Things to remember about 2002:
1. I once had a best friend named kate-not by the end
of this year.
2. I dated Nick M. No last names, lol.
3. I decided to get a job at Ponderosa, WOO.
4. I met lots of new friends, AkA, Grasso, Will,
Melissa, Alex...lots of people, i'll just say that.
5. I had my first christmas party...and OH was it FUN,
not really.
6. I made NHS.
7. Lots of firsts: Kiss, cuddle, breakdown, college

Okay. That's enough for now. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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