lunch chronicles
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2001-09-05 03:56:31 (UTC)

I feel better now. I went..

I feel better now. I went bowling tonight with a bunch of
my friends. Sarah H, Sarah N, Noreen, Jay, Ryan from St.
Paul's, Brett, Garit, Joel, Jenny, April, Robin, Laura
Wolfe, my brother Matt and sister Renee went.

I hate Joel. I hate what he did to Sarah. I also hate
Garit and I asked Jenny to avoid him in school during the
school year, because he's going to her school this year. I
hope she listens to me. Normally I don't ask her to stay
away from people, because I'm not a controlling boyfriend
psychomaniac who has to have her attention all the time.
I'm just worried for her safety, because of Garit's
reputation. Robin and I had a good talk about Life Teen.
I bowled a 127 and a 144. Matt bowled a 160-something and
193... I'm glad that he has something that he can be good
at. He got a lot of respect for his bowling ability.

Jen asked me to tell her that she was pretty tonight. It made me
realize that I hardly ever compliment her, not because I don't think
she deserves it but rather because I am too shy to. I need to work
on being more expressive of myself through my spoken words.

Still no grades from Seton.

Today is tomorrow, I'm turning in.

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