my life
2003-01-01 03:58:03 (UTC)


well its not here yet but it will be in 2 1/2 hrs. so i
guess since 2003 will be here soon i might as well have a
recap of the year. im not really for sure if this was a
good or bad year. i mean with my friends and doin stuff it
was better but thats cuz i have been able to drive all year
even though my rents are still way overly protective.
AHHHH!!!! i guess its been ok with my parents too i mean
its just been hard sometimes. this horse of mine has caused
me soo much grief this year i sometimes wish i didnt have
her. yea it might sound mean but i really love her its just
that my dad wont let me ride her anymore so its just kinda
annoying having to not be able to do anything with her. ok
back to the recap that ill try not to go into much detail
with. the year started off sucky cuz we had just put my dog
to sleep the past november and i felt kinda empty inside
cuz ive never had to live without a dog and this was a
first. well then in may i ended up getting my new puppy who
is a lil brat sometimes. my dad totally loves her and ya
know what that pisses me off but ill tell ya why later and
its not a jealous thing for me either so dont think it.
anyways then june we took my horse to this guy my dad knew
to get her broke. means to be rideable if you didnt know.
well i never really wanted him to take her over there but
he did anyways cuz he thought the guy knew what he was
doing. well yeah he got her to get on a trailer but that
was about the only damn good thing to come out of it. she
bucks and gets spooked really easily and i almost got
thrown off well not really but he got scared so now i cant
ride her. shes only 2 and is part arabian so thats why
she's spooky. anyways he doesnt want to ride her and thats
what pisses me off. he used to spend his weekends with the
horse but now hes always around that damn dog and he wants
to too cuz its a lot sell the horse really quickly. yes i
want to sell her of work to take care of a horse and
hopefully we can give her to these people that will fully
break her so she can be rideable. my summer was filled with
taking care of my puppy and horse which didnt leave me with
anytime to go work. yea most people wouldnt want to work
and neither do i but my job was sooo much fun. the summer
before last i worked on a horse farm and showed for the
people and i wasnt bein sarcastic about it being fun cuz it
was. yea its not that great of a job cuz your rakin horse
shit part of the day but when u get to ride for free and
take riding lessons for free its all worth it. plus i gots
lots of ribbons for winning and the people were really fun
to work with. the ladys just a few years older than me so
shes like someone id hang out with and is really cool. ok
well too bad i said i wouldnt go into details cuz i have
havent i:) so where was i...anyways my dad wont ride my
horse or let me so its really annoying and then he goes and
makes these comments that just want to make me choke him.
ive told my mom if he says another remark like he has i
will go off on him:) we'll get our day on of these days. so
the summer came and went i went to the beach for a
week..ahh how great if i could stay there all year i would
but i cant so i deal. not really anything too bad has
happened this year to me. my great aunt is driving my
g'mother up the wall but she's getting really sick, her
husband died which has made things worse. dont really
remember many big things that happened this year but thats
ok. well ive gone another year without having anyone to
share it with, lucky me. but not that i havent dried cuz i
have but it always ends up the same..oh yea i forgot my
summer fling..haha what a laugh. that was nothing!! oh well
nothing serious been happening with anyone and i guess
thats the way it might be for a while:/ cmas was good and
now our break is almost over. im just soo happy to be goin
back to school and that was VERY SARCASTIC!!!! so now its
new years eve and im sitting here at home by myself well my
rents are here but thats the normal. i usualy dont mind
bein here but this year is really bothering me. my dads
bein dumb and wont let me leave cuz he's says theres gonna
be drucks on the road and he's afraid something might
happen to me...what the hell look where i live, my school
look how many people get trashed and drive around every
weekend. jeeze i could get hit by someone tomorrow..but oh
well it pisses me off but im used to it by now. ok well now
that i think ive filled you in on enough of my oh so grand
life i think ill go and wait to watch the ball drop..and
dream of when i go to new york in a few years and see it
for real and when i find i guy:) but for now i shall deal
so HAPPY NEW YEAR..ill write again well next year