ted morrison jnr
2001-09-05 03:32:56 (UTC)

"i am an american artist and i have no guilt!"

so there i was, on my way to my second therapy session. i
like to call her the-rapist. but whatever. i stop off at the
blowjob store and get one from this huge guy who seems to be
about forty years old, really thick cock, really tall and
wild. so then i go to the actual session and discuss more
about my family and their myriad dysfunctions. which was
fun. then i walked to the bus station in the rain, after i
stopped off at the marijuana store. i came home and read:
"the tao of physics", "eustace chisolm and the works". cool
books. took a special bath with sandalwood and peppermint
oils and have settled in here to begin the evenings creative
process. but i am afraid i have nothing else to say. peace