2001-09-05 03:24:56 (UTC)

Cover2coveR commenses!!!!

Finally I have found an online forum site that will let a
group of us reflect on different books that we are

I will explain the rules of the forum, then proceed to the
book title that we are reflecting on and hopefully some
responses/insight will rise up.

Rules of opperation: This is probably the easiest way to
run this opperation. Everyone involved in this book club
will have access to this account, meaning everyone will
have the same "diary name" and "password." After each
chapter in the present book that we are reading I think
each individual should post his/her reflection in this
journal. After every individual involved in the club has
posted their insight/critiques of the present chapter then
we can comment on eachothers insights. So this way,
everyone has an initial statement, then conversation can

First book!!

Saint Peter, A Biography Michael Grant.

Fisherman, missionary, healer, sinner, confessor, martyr,
and ultimately saint, Peter has come down to us through the
centuries as an astonishingly complex and multifaceted
man. Despite his unique role--as the most inmportant
apostle and the head of the early Church--Peter has
remained a shadowy and elusive figure. Now, in this
luminous and insightful biography, rich in ambiance and
detail, Michael Grant re-creates the life of one of
Christianity's central icons.........