Decaying Cherub

Sift The Seven Grasshopppers
2001-09-05 03:12:44 (UTC)


I'm anxious to expose myself to the net. Hidden behind a
computer screen with no one to catch me.

I was looking over some of the other diaries of the other
people. Some of them seemed fake. Like the one about the
girl having sex for the first time. It didn't seem
personal.....seemed like something you would read off of
one of those porn sites. She was very graphic......but
didn't have any emotion. I dunno....maybe I'm reading into
it too much. But I know I want to be honest with my
writing. This is for me. Not for others to accept or reject
me. I'm open for feedback or else I would have kept my
entry private.

So where should I start? Or should I start tonight? *looks
at clock* Sadly, it's late. A little too late to be

I think I will read a few more diaries and go to bed.

The Sleeping Child