Traded your worth for these scars...
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2001-09-05 03:10:59 (UTC)

A Crime....

A 10 hour shift with one 15 minute break... isn’t that
like... a crime or something?

Yes, it’s true. I worked from 730 til 530 today (not to
mention the “off the clock” meeting that lasted til 7) and
I only got ONE 15 min. break. I was exausted. I mean, come
on. Most people work regular 8 hour shifts at least get an
hour break. But, no, what do I get...not even a HALF hour
break!!! Ugh.. sometimes... I swear.

Anyway, the only thing that is getting me thru all of this
is the fact that the retreat is soooo in two days. Well,
two and a half actually, but Friday will be a breeze caues
I don’t have to go into work til 1145 and I get off at 330!!

Even tho I am MAJORLY lookin forward to this retreat.. it’s
kinda sad, cause I know, after this, I have nothing big to
look forward to! Ok, except for the fact that Amy is comin
home next weekend.. haha:) Shew... I just can’t wait to go
to college. Speaking of which.. I need to get going. I
gotta apply online to Oklahoma Christian...