Hair Of The Dog
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2001-09-05 03:06:23 (UTC)

training rocks...

Well I am hurting from training last night, and I LOVE IT!
For some reason boxing has just fired me right up. We have
been training under Paul Nuku, a guy who organises these
events called the Toughman Competition, basically all-out
brawling organised into a competition. He's a hard man to
train under, he works you to the limit and then pushes you
that bit further. I've got training with him this afternoon,
they're running extra sessions because of a tournament
coming up at the end of the month. I'm not competing in it,
however a bouncer from my work is fighting one of my
brother's mates, and I'm shitty that I can't get the night
off to watch it, even if it is all the way out at Howard
Springs, which is out bush way. I think it's just kickboxing
though, no normal boxing... still would be awesome to watch.
Our bouncer is a bit older than my brother's mate, he's 27
or so, but he's really fit and doesn't drink or smoke, and
has done many different forms of martial arts for longer
than his opponent has been alive. All he does is train and
pump weights and eat good food. However he's had a few
operations on his knees apparently. My brother's mate is 19,
big as a house, and would not be easily knocked down. He's
got the youth advantage, and is fairly fit, however he goes
out each weekend and gets really drunk. You have these two
very different fighters against each other, and I seriously
couldn't predict who would win.