Deep Inner Thoughts of a Genious
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2001-02-11 18:22:32 (UTC)

February 11th 2001 MAAAAAAAN!..

February 11th 2001

all i have to say is that tonite was incredible...again it
was with christie we went to see a movie..i actually spent
more time looking at christie and thinking how lucky i was
to be sitting next to her and holding her hand....i still
havent exactly thought of what to say...although i am
thinking about it..when i woke up this morning..i laid
there for 15 minutes and thought about it...i have never
done that is weird...or maybe there is something
wrong with me....well she is awesome...

music is still goin good..i practiced for 5 hours
today...learnign more stuff...listening to more jazz....i
stil have a problem with playing what i hear..and
reflecting on my moods.....but it will come someday...i got
a letter from of the best colleges of music
on earth...i want to go there..but it is way too
expensive....oh well....


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