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2002-12-31 23:43:25 (UTC)

My first Entry

Just to let people know that Goddess Freya, was the major
vanir goddess. she wore the enchanted Brisingamen necklace
made by te dwarves. se was also linked with the blessing of
children. Freya represents passion; passion in love, war,
passion for the things in life that brings us pure joy. If
you are feeling that you are living your life without
intention stop for a while. Devote this friday to her
namesake and spend at least a minute with your eyes closed,
listening to your breathing. Notice every noise around you
and every smell that comes your way. if you feel anxious
use a couple drops of agrimony in Bach Flower remidies.
Savor them under your tongue as you mentally list 5 things
you are greatful for.

I am a wiccan. if you have a problem with it dont read my
journal. well hope everyone has a safe new years.

Blessed Be.