Laying a Pheonix Egg
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2002-12-31 23:25:04 (UTC)

First day here and why


This is the first time I have ever done an online journal.
Kind of cool in a way and a little revealing I guess.

My husband suggested this to me. He thought it would help me
to put into words whats been happening the last 3 years. I

I guess, I should say a little bit about myself:
1. I'm female
2. married
3. perpetual dreamer
4. illustrator/ graphic artist
5. currently exocising a story from my brain
6. Will die if I stop
7. foul mouth/ cuss like sailor/ take the varnish off a
table/ etc. / you get the point
8. perpetual martial artist/ pratice WHLC/PFD. (if you are
curious...check out www.wonhoploongchuan.com)
9. Love to insert foot into mouth. the taste drives me nuts!
10. member of the dying breed of romantics. Thank god my
husband is a member too.
11. not Christian...Shaman is a better term but does not
acurrately describe...but pretty damn close, though.
12. LOVE COFFEE in any form. :)
13. LOVE WATER!!! ANY FORM! Even made a word for it...
14. Japanime FREAK...Husband agrees *sigh...my poor wife*
15. semi-photographic memory (martial arts is helping)
16. perfect audio memory (especially music) *not kidding*
17. At times can get agressive...not the laced with hate
kind but the more feisty kind.
18. enough

So now to the last three years...I've had this story in my
head since Lucas release the soundtrack to Return of the
Jedi. JEDI RULE!!! :( *sorry* And since then it would come
and go. Evolve and transform every now and then. Sometimes
would keep an idea journal, design attire, planets, language
*actually the language has been around longer than that*.

Then 3 years ago decided to either take it seriously or shut
it down. Do something.

See the thing was...I knew that this story was my egg, my
baby, my Pheonix egg. It had so much there that I knew it
could become something unique and wonderfull. I just needed
to decide. So here I am 3 years later writing the fifth
issue to my story, finishing pencilling the fourth issue,
digitially preparing the 1,2,3rd issue to print. All of it.
Hoping to publish this story/comic in 2003. Now all I need
is a lawyer and a someone that wants to publish. I am not
worried because, I can say for the first time in my life
this is going to happen. Just when...

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