Static and Silence
2001-09-05 02:05:48 (UTC)


Well...I wasn't going to mention anything...but If everyone
else can be can I :-)

I have shared a few of my simple poems online...they are
nothing great...but they are from my heart and soul. I
have received a few replies from people that have read my
journal entries. One particularly noteworthy entry comes
from a kindly soul that thought it necessary to point out
the shortcomings of my poetry (and I quote "Your fucking
poetry sucks"). The writer was even kind enough to point
out what I was doing wrong and practically insited that I
follow his "rules" for poetry. To that person I dedicate
this poem with my most heartfelt gratitude:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your "rules" really helped me
So F*ck you too

Wow, it sure feels good to be petty sometimes :-)

Now onto much more important things...

One of the types of poetry I enjoy writing is Haiku. Haiku
is a form of Japanese poetry that is often characterized by
three lines. The first and third line consist of five
syllables. The middle line is seven syllables.

I have this friend you see. Sometimes life seems hard and
cruel...not only for me...for I am not an island unto
myself. Sometimes life seems to kick us when we are
down...and my friend knows this all too well. There is a
lot of ugliness and hate in the world. But I truly believe
that this life holds more beauty and love than it does hate
and pain. This haiku is for my friend...

Sullen girl, my friend
Worry not of life's troubles
The stars shine for you

I finish my day's journal entry wishing all who read this,
peace, love, happiness and health. Goodnight my fellow
sojourners on this wild trip called Life.