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2001-09-05 01:56:56 (UTC)

some what of a better day

Well today and this week has been some what better.
Yesterday Lori and I *by the way we fixed everything and
she isnt mad at me* went to six flags. It was kinda kewl
except all my guy friends seem to be better friends with
her now but whatever its all good. It sucked though cuz I
had to come home and finish my essay which I found out I
did wrong so I was up until 1:30 this morning! Its
craziness! lol then when I set my alarm I accidently set my
clock an hour ahead so I woke up an hour early. But
whatever cuz I didnt have to ride the bus with the crazy
freshman today cuz my mom drove me to school and picked me
up. Nothing really exciting happened at school. Its
ludacris all the flippin books we have to take home. *haha
like my words* I'm going to break my back from carrying
them, they wont even all fit into my bookbag. Actually now
that I think about it nothing exciting happened at all
today! haha I talked to Levi some which was cool lol but
whatever. I found out my friend Derrick that has a huge
crush on me wants to ask me out but hates it cuz we live
like a little over an hour away from each other haha its
funny stuff! *sigh* i dont know my back hurts! :( well i
have to finish my summer reading cuz we are having a stupid
test on it tomorrow then I'm going to lay down cuz my eyes
are burning and my head hurts TTyL haha bye

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