Dana N Ashley

Dana N Ashley
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2001-09-05 01:56:25 (UTC)

Our sad,young,depressing love lifes..so we call them

this is me n ashs journal now kris got a new one....ne
way....yes to this day i am still in love wit josh...wut
else is new??now im starting to think...did he ever like me
as much as i like him? did he ever care about me that as
much as i still care about him? maybe he is the selfish
bastard i was told he was but i rufuse to belive ne one he
hurt my feelings and broke my heart i guess thats why they
call it a CRUSH heh? well i hung out wut him one day n it
was like the best day of my life!!! n another nite i hung
out with him for like 2 hours that was ok but still...well
shannon...the bytch that she is decided to go on joshs
screen name n write her self emails n then go on her sn n
write bak to them...friken idiot...josh gets the idea that
it was me but is he that stupid? obviously becuz if it was
me (which it wasnt)i would have written email to myself n
then wrote mean emails to shannon i mean pleaz ok maybe i
kno joshs password but i dunt kno shannons but of course he
will belive her ...y i dunt kno...maybe becuz wut they had
was real.....YEA FKKIN RITE! haha she sez that
constantly.."wut we had was real" then i think to
myself...if it was real then how come ur realationship
lasted abut 2 weeks? well think again sweetheart cuz u dunt
seem to b makin ne more progress then me...n wut gives u
the rite to write all that bull shyt in ur profile about
me? dunt look at me dunt say my name dunt even think of me
n then u say wut gives mr the right! no no no hunny wut
gives u the rite!! who went out with him 1st?? me! n then u
try n say that i dunt love him? dunt u even TRY tellin me
who i love n who i dunt cuz u wouldnt kno n they u
say "loves takes time i loved him for 2 yrs" and then i
think to myself god damn grl u a playa!! member greg??
vinney?? dan?? in those 2 yrs u also went out with them!!
so if u n josh ever go bak out and he breaks up with u
AGAIN read ur profile commin from my perspective n that
will b ur answer! look wut u have dun to me? i dunt kno
about u but i cry every nite...maybe u do to...i wouldnt
kno...do u sit by ur computer every day all day long
waiting for him to come on?? do u go down the street juss
to look at his house?? do u call him on a payfone juss to
hear him say hello?? maybe u dunt becuz u r lucky n have
enough balls to call him urslef u hang out wtih him...but
dunt think ur the only one he asks to hang im still here
good to kno im not totally outta his mind...n u kno wut??
maybe he duz like u maybe he hates me maybe he thinks im
annoyin as u say...but wut u say dusnt really get to
me...cuz i could say alot of shit that he NEVER sed too but
i dunt and im glad that i didnt do that cuz even tho i hate
u so much..i dnt wanna see u hurt....i wanna see u have a
quik n painless death but then again...i have every rite to
hurt you becuz of wut u dun to me 1st u guys went out n no
one told me (member wen me n u talked like civilized
humans) so u would ask me shit n i would talk about how
much i liked him n u would sit there wit a lil smirk on ur
face probly histerically laffing inside wen im sittin there
speakin mah mind...well good im glad u did that cuz if he
hurts u ne more by goin out with sumone or doin sumthin wit
sumone...i wouldnt b pleazed unless i was the one that hurt
u...so now DIE BYTCH cuz honestly ..i dunt care ne more i
caought onto ur lil scemes n ur gay ass tricks n dunt think
that i havent gotton u bak...cuz i got u bak 10 times worse
then u would kno...think ...had quite a few problems since
u moved in with amanda huh?? heh i juss laff at that...im
sad n depressed n it feels like the worse time in my life n
even tho u say u will love him 4 ever...i kno u wont...i
KNO...cuz ur 15 u wont kno wut u will want 10 yrs from
now...so think wut u want...do wut u want...say wut u
want...but remember wut U do dusnt hurt me its all about


Kenny..heh...my so called boyfriend at this moment...not 4
long...ok well he liked me n i didnt really like him but
then i got to like him n he asked me out...we went out so i
think he went on vacation n he came bak...he acted like my
boyfriend...thats wen i realized...guyz r nuthin but dick
heads with no senseitivity to gurls feelings..they think
they can juss throw u around like ur a piece of shyt..i
admitt i may seem whipped..but kenny...no definetly
not...my reliable sorce found out from her reliable source
that he liked me but he didnt kno we were goin out...ok
dumb ass u asked me!! well he went to sumones house n sed
this gurl ashley thiks we r goin out THERE I HAVE PROVEN MY
PREVIOUS STATMENT TRUE! guys r dicks...did he think to tell
me we
rnt goin out?? of course not...y would he ...he dusnt care
its not his feelings being crushed is it?? nope of course
well i dunt kno wut to say i dunt kno wut to think and god
damnitt i dunt kno wut to do!! he isnt home...didnt
call...maybe cuz we aint goin out but dunt u think that
tiny by of information would have been a lil more useful 2
WEEKS AGO! i always watch tv shows n listen to my friends
problems n they r all about being played or being used n i
was like man o man that must suck big monkey balls! but
now...for the 1st time...and the last...ashley marie
devine...has been played...

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