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2001-09-05 01:47:15 (UTC)

summer wrap up

on sunday i went to my grandmas for dinner and i went to
the movies with my uncle jim. he is pretty cool i guess.
then monday i slept in and read a book in the yard. then i
wasnt doing anything and i got called into work. i like my
job now but my boss is a 34 year old player and he calls me
stephi or sweet pea. ugh thats some degrating shit. then
today i wanted to go to darien lake today but i didnt.
instead i spent the last day of my summer vacation whith my
mom and sister. then i came home and talked to my love
online (if only he knew he were) and then i slept and went
online again then i took a shower - and im online again. i
have a weird rash all over me and i thought it was poison
ivy but i found out it was something caused by stress. i
cant remember what its called. well i am going to school
tommarow, i am so sad that highschool will be over after
this year. i am doing every thing for the last time. i am
so scared to go to college. so lets make a list of all of
the fun things i did this summer. its gonna be short.

went to cape cod for two weeks
went to summer school
jessicas party
caras party
bacos party
jareds party
christinas party
drive in with maggie
drive in with greg
movies with my sister like 5x
learned to drive finally
so as u can see i am a loser and i spend most of my time
doing nothing. so sad. but i think that this year things
will pick up. they have to

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