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2002-12-31 20:17:30 (UTC)

End of Year

Today I went to my cousins Birthday, shes 9 on January 1st,
but for some strange reason she wanted to celebrate it
early (go figure). Most of my friends are going to Richards
house, its his birthday as well (if you're reading this
Richard, Happy Birthday ^_^). I came back to my house
around 4pm and went to sleep (only for about 3 hours, I
needed to get my sleeping pattern corrected). So woke up
around 7 and went online. Not many people are going out
this year, they are usually going to a friends house or
whatever to get drunk (hehe).
Well its the end of the year, everything thats happened in
these last months has changed me in so many ways. I'm still
me (crazy, weird and annoying, well at times ^_^) but I
feel that I'm more sure of myself, I know where I am in my
life, theres little or no more confusion, I finally
accepted who I am as a person and is able to just get on
with my life. Its like my body and soul has been refreshed
and it feels really good. Things to do next year...go to
gym about 2-3 times a week, really study and more focused
on it rather than other things, start dating or going out
with guys and to really better myself as a person. 2003 is
going to be a big year for me, I got alot riding on it. My
friends are just the best and I know whatever I do they
will support me. Goodbye 2002, you've been great and say
hello to 2003 ^_^.