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2002-12-31 19:32:01 (UTC)


Well these past few dayz have been just full of drama. My
mom left to Mexico... mom and dad got in a big fight and
she said she wasnt coming back. But then my dad talked her
into coming back :(. Well ve been staying at my cousins for
like 2 weeks and on Sunday I went home to get some more
clothes and my dad had left me a message on the answering
machine saying that he had left to mexico too and would be
back on Wednesday. What kinda shit is that? How can you
just get up one morning and decide to leave not telling
anyone. Just leaving a message, didnt even fucken care if I
needed any money to eat or anything. Guess my momz more
important. They can both go to hell for all I give a fuck.
Well me and Freddy are doing fine. Im going to spend New
Years with him, Its going to be the best... me and my baby
together on the coming of the new year. I got him an X-Box
for Christmas... he was really happy. But didnt think he
deserved it. He does. Well thats all for now. WBL. I LOVE

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