The Sexy Blonde
2002-12-31 19:07:22 (UTC)

New Years Eve

Well, its New Years Eve. If you've been reading and
following along you know about me and Jose's whole age
thing. Well I found out how old he was in November, two
days before his birthday I found out he is a year older
then what he said. So, I thought he was fixing to be 20,
but he was really fixing to be 21. That hurt me and I found
out at a restaurant with his whole family sitting with us.
Anyway the Friday before school was out, I gave all my
close friends presents. I gave Chameria, Margarita,
Felicia, and Erica, two thongs, and I gave Erica and
Felicia nail polish too. Knowbody but Chameria got me
anything. I was like okay.
I went shopping at Kohls again. I got a purple shirt, pair
of white pants with a white belt, a jean skirt, and a
yellow scooby doo shirt. Well the weather was really bad
last night, it stormed pretty hard and my mom and I went to
Blockbuster to go return this movie called Durdy Game.
Jose and I are fine, something happened the day after
Christmas. His parents and his brother and sister all found
out my real age. Nobody had a problem with it. His brother
is cool with it too. His sister just said, "Now, you have
to wait another two years to get married." His mother and
father thought it a silly thing to hide.
It was his parents 26th anniversary on Christmas Day, and
the day after Christmas is his sister anniversary.
Well I have not been doing too much lately. I got a lot of
Christmas. A lot of jewelry. My man got me a gold bracelet.
My mom got me 25 shirts more and a couple pair of pants,
shorts, and skirts. My ma also got me a gold bracelet, and
some other stuff too. I got a purple lava lamp, and
everything. My aunt Pam, drew my name for the Christmas
drawing and she sent me a shell necklace, 3 ankle
bracelets, and 3 toe rings. Well anyway I need to get
going. Yeah, plus I have no idea what I am going to do for
New Years tonight. Jose said he might come over but you
never know.
Have a great day!
God Bless You!