brand says........
2001-09-05 01:25:28 (UTC)

rubber band teeth dork

yeah so um I wrote something else in here.I really want a
live journal..but I would have to pay for it and I don't
know anyone with the source code.I might attempt at e-
mailing a few people.If I do I will move outta this
place.anyway today was an okay day.I was in a better mood
than I thought I would be since I didn't fall asleep untill
after 1 am, I have weezer songs stuck in my head.don't you
just hate when you get a song stuck in your head and it
won't go away.oh gawd I hope I'm not the only one!I hate my takes for ever to get it too look good and then
if I do nothing it looks like crap!damn hair!why couldn't
everyone just be bald!ha.My teeth hurt at the moment since
I have rubber bands holding my mouth shut...oh the joys of
braces....:P.well it's 9:25 pm and I am tired.I see ya if anyone reads this...:)

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