Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-12-31 18:50:02 (UTC)


[not much of a] diatribe

I hate New Year. The Newspapers are full of reviews of the
year. "Best dressed Celebrity", "Most memorable moment of
2002". Right, but why should we only care during the last
two days of the year? I don't really care ANY time of the
year how celebrities are dressed and people who really do
care are obviously three pounds short of a potbelly. Not
that it really matters anyways, because I don't read the
newspapers. I have CNN.
And also, family have to stay for a WHOLE week. In my
humble opinion, Xmas and new year should be at opposite
ends of the year. Family come for Xmas, see no point in
travelling back home when they'll only have to
travel back up here in a few days for New Year.

Aah. Almost 7 and I haven't had my dinner.

Oh, and I was reading through my History essay, and the docments
which I found and I found this little nice article.

"Sadly, Britain's choice of allies and enemies has left the once
Great Britain little more than a Charity Hostel for every colour,
race and religion. The Mother of the Free is now a wizened old widow,
unloved and unlamented. She has betrayed and lost her family. Now she
knocks on strange doors seeking succour. How the mighty have fallen!
God pity her."

I bet Queen Vic's rolling in her grave at the state of Britain