my life, my love and my happiness?
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2002-12-31 18:03:54 (UTC)


ok so i got up this morning.... yeah i can berly walk. my
whole body is aching but oh well the pain will be gone in
a few hrs. ok so yeah i got up and did nothing for like an
hr then i got in the shower and then painted my nails.....
unloaded the dishwasher and um talked to maria for a
little while. so yeah my day is pretty boring so far. i am
leaving around 4 and then me and maria are going back to
here house and we are going to sleep for like 2hrs and
then get up and get ready and go over to mikes. we are
going to have so much fun tonight can not wate.ok so yeah
i am gona sit here for a few more hours and do nothing b/c
i cant move. hope eveyone has fun tonight!!!!! 2003
watching:jenny jones

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