CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-09-05 00:53:00 (UTC)

The NoThiNg of My LiFe

Well Nothing has happened with Cody.... Nothing I didn't
talk to him the rest weekend I saw him today @ school but
it was jus like hi and him and Phil were talking about
American Pie 2 and Jay and Silent Bob strike back and sayin
how Stifler in AP2 says fuck more than Jay in that
movie.... and then I saw him a couple times in the hall and
I didn't say anything though Picture Day is tomorrow 2!!
This sucks! And Homecoming is in a month and no one has
asked me....!!! If Cody or anyone else reasonable doesn't
ask me I think I'm gunna ask Clint to go with me just as a
friend....But thats it! God I really hope life gets better