Electric monkey
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2001-09-05 00:52:21 (UTC)

9-4-01 [typical day of hell]

well, i got up early.. as everyday. the day started out
alright, although it was pretty early.. i drove to school,
and i decided to go ahead inside once i got there.. i didnt
wait for anyone to get there too. so i went inside and
bought a parking pass thing. its red, which is nicer then
the regular purple. mine is special because it is stripy
cause i have to "leave for yearbook..." so i can park in
the front if i wish, although i never will. after that
little venture to the bookstore, i went up and sat at my
regular place every morning. i was the first there, which
didnt surprise me, because i had come inside the building
10 minutes earlier then i usually do. Ben soon arived so i
had someone to talk to. so far so good. then i just didnt
want to talk to anyone from that point on. sudden lack of
interest in everything. it was depressing. sooooooooo..
first period was that way. although we did nothing in
there, and it turns out the homework i was trying to figure
out the other day is due, not this friday but next friday.
and he is teaching it to us now, so no wonder i had no idea
how to do the problems. so now i will know how to do it by
tomorrow, mr blair got cut off by the bell today, so we'll
finish up tomorrow. In speech class i did a speech about
honesty. needed to be 1 minute long, and i stood up there
and chatted away for a minute 45 seconds. such an easy
class it seems like. cause you just prepare speechs and
then do them, and thats it! and listen to everyone else and
stuff. so, yeah.
ouch, my ear ring hurts. [one of my new ones]. it never
really hurt untill now. maybe it has something to do with
not cleaning it allll weekend... cause i was camping. i
need to go clean it well. oouuuuuucccccccchhhhhhh..
and my ankel is still fucked up. if i go to stand on it
wrong or at the slightest wrong angle it freakin' hurts so
bad. i dont know what i did to it. maybe twisted it or
something. its been like this for a couple days now. i hope
it goes away.
speaking of pain, i havnt cut myself in stained glass yet.
alls ive done is nic myself with the little peices. but it
doesnt hurt. im just waiting for the day i slice my hand
open. its sure to come. bring it on.
well im going to get going now. my ear is bothering me.