Laura's need to rant and chat
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2002-12-31 12:58:50 (UTC)

Happy New Year's Eve (early morn/New Year's Resoulations)

Morning, evening, whatever.... Last night I brought
Ritchard over here again. We "played" and I will be honest
I needed it, and since I am trying to make my life better
(next year) one of the things I have to do is stop being
such a fucking slut. I will admit I have sex because after
what A the asshole from fucking hell, who ruined my life,
it's easier to have sex than have real feelings. However,
yesterday, Ritchard gave me something, noone, except a
female ever has, such a "BIG O" that I couldn't walk, talk,
or do anything except lay there and smile...

Last night he told me I should just get drunk enough to
finally kiss my friend Amy at midnight, yeah right, as if
she of all people is a lesbian and plus I know it would
completely destroy what little friendship is between us...

Oh well, I guess my new year plans are crazed, so my plan
is to drink, hopefully be marry and try for one breif
moment forget all the trouble I have faced....

New Year Resoulations (damn I still can't spell really well)

1. Stop being such a slut.

2. Move to Las Vegas or if all else fails, New Orlean,
both have good programs.

3. Finally, end my crappy marrage and stop worring about
how fucked up the last few years of my life have been.

4. (typical one) try to eat healther and get into better

5. Get on a better sleeping schedule, stop staying up
until 3A and then have my body wake me up at 6A.

6. Write more, try and finish my novel with a friend, do
more screenplays, etc....

7. Stop using people so I'm not alone, I use to be able
to be alone, you can do it again.

8. Visit an old friend to spend time with him just to
piss off his semi-girlfriend...she's a bitch and fucking
with stupid people is really fun....

9. Try to get alone better with my parents, and sister.

10. Find a job, hopefully in the field I want to be in
(hotel motel management)

Happy new year's...

Be safe, have fun, and if you are going to party, please be
safe and get a designated driver or a taxi!!!!!!!!!!!


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