The Sexy Blonde
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2001-09-05 00:42:41 (UTC)

Tuesday 9-4-01

Hey Reader People,

I am doing okay. I am doing exceptionally well in school.
My boyfriend is doing great in college, he has a lot of
reading to do. Some girlfriends at school having been
giving me pictures from Zoom In Zoom Out. I hate any guy
that talks to me. Yes I had a few incidents in school so
far but some shit sucks. I'm on my rag, Phys.Ed. sucked
today because of everything thats slowing me down. So
nothing is really happening with me. I believe my father
stop communicating with me almost a month ago. It doesn't
even hurt my heart like it should. Thats okay I am just use
to it. My boyfriend and I had a great time last weekend. We
mostly slept all weekend, and watched T.V. and munched on
doritos. My best friend Vanessa is one crazy girl, she
doesn't know who or what she likes, she is a real teenager,
unlike me. I mean, I grew up to fast and now I am in a real
serious relationship, with a man I love and care deeply
about. Plus we share so much passion with each other it is
an incredible feeling that I never want to end. My mother
is doing good. My 19 year old brother will be living with
my mom and I in about 3 weeks. My mother gave me $150.00 to go
buy a pair of Polo Boots, that I wanted. Well I just filled
my tummy with all sorts of artificial flavoring and junk
food, so I think I am going to go now, not feeling to

Bye readers! Good luck and give me some damn feedback!