Who the hell let this girl out of the in
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2001-09-05 00:39:03 (UTC)

would you like cake or death??

well what can i say tomorrow is the first damn day of
school, which means that i will be seeing BETTY!!!!
betty is cool as shit man i love her she is so fucking
(i never thought i would say that about a bus driver) i
a great new outfit black and red pants and a black shirt
it just... ohh great and my boots!! i love it.

does it suck that the summer is over?? yea of course
sleeping in late and trying to party all damn night,ohh
those were the days, sitting on my ass all day sleeping.
but then again i only have 55 students in my school and
you know
everyones name but on the other hand YOU KNOW
E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E-S NAME!!!!!

im bored and i want to shave my head and get my nipple

i was talking to my friend sarah and one thing we talked
about was what was it that
"What is it that men see in breast fucking??" i hate that
word the t word ewwww

but that is boring as hell i wish i had more things to
today any other day just typing and typing but now w/e