2001-09-05 00:13:31 (UTC)

fuck that do you want mushrooms..

fuck that
do you want mushrooms hunny?
yes please.
i want a fucking mushroom.
actually, i want a whole fucking plate of mushrooms.
and why dont you put the crushed pepper on there too.
seventeen years.
seventeen about to be eighteen years of my life.
have been spent.
in your house.
under YOUR rules.
my life has been spent, along side yours.
and you dont know
you just dont know.
i hate them.
i hate mushrooms.

there is no need for me to cry.
there is nothing left in these eyes.
forever and never
go well together.
and you are just an asshole.
you are just an asshole along with many other assholes.
there only difference is that i am forced to see you.
fuck it.
fuck that.
fuck you.