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2002-12-31 05:08:11 (UTC)

Heros on streets - my days

Night of 30th day of December 2002. I was on streets of
my home town near from public transportation stop.
I heard that honor mayor of city took away recycler people
from gates. I heard that their sister was gone to city
and she did not come. It passed twelve hours and simple
people did not go to city. Because he need to protect
their human charriots. He tried to call the cops. They
thought he was amusing and hang up the phone. I felt
a logic way to act. I call the cops again and they said
that cannot assist to it. They say we make a note on
police station. Well after we went to last point he went.
And there was not people there. We found a police car.
They said they could not help because they was assisting
another call in a close circuit alarm call of a house.
Then we go to police station. The militar division of
police heard him and said to go to civil department of
police to make the claim. There people almost laugh or
cry. And they say that could not make anything before
twenty four hours. They watched police movies. I asked
about the twenty four hours to get suspicious before they
could be free till final sentence. I watched police tails
on news. Well we went back to point she was known last.
People was there and said his sister went to city almost
midday. It was now many hours passed. We went to home town.
And she had come back. She was layed down and much tired.
Well it was three hours and some minutes of day 31st before
Sun rises. A police car came and turn and said where is
that chicken was with you. He said there was not any. It
was true there was not any. I thought they maybe tried to
say about that woman was ever with him. Those policemen
were not good with words. But some said something of destroy
his charriots using my head. I thought it would not be good
to him to work. Charriots were his work machine to recycle
materials. Well they saw the woman and said alright and
went to their post with police car. I think they have much
predict about people that uses recycled materials. But the
cops deserved their lesson. They thought people was not legal but before they did not want to help them. Police
is to protect and to serve people not to choose who is
good for their services that we all pay on taxes.
I taught him lessons about finance and economics. Maybe
someday he would be Saturday night. She and him to brothers
recycling materials in streets of my home town. Maybe
I be angry with those policemen on station but some of
them was good to try to help. Even Governor says to not
use much money for people that works on streets.
They recycles the materials. Boxes of brown papers brings
white paper to offices and they take empty boxes to factory.
And factory build new brown boxes to transport white paper.
Year 2002 is ending. In 1998 I started on Internet and 1999
I lived good days. In 2000 I got survived and 2001 I was once a week for thirty minutes. And at end I discovered I
missed many things and much people. Many free portals and
communities gone. Some created and disapears so fast.
And in 2002 Internet is just a shop mall. Some friends
left of good years. I knew that good is to be with loyal
friends. People that really minds about you and want to be
with you because you are an example and be admired.
Better days is comming at end. And new times will be come
in future with our new Beard President. People will stop
Story is running on streets of my world.