My life in a nutshell
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2002-12-31 06:54:36 (UTC)

Back at it again....

Well, I'm back at it again. School starts on Friday and I
can't wait. I really want to go to school where I can live
my life. Besides, this next year, I have two coffee dates,
one with Nathan and one with Justin from the Y. Hehehehe...
Anyway, Lily is insane. She's complaining about everything
to do with Boo and all the advice I'll telling her isn't
working... well, it would if she would stop being so
stubborn and listen to me. But I know that I can't change
that, so there's no reason to stress about that.
I've been talking to Mike a lot lately. He's practically
living on the computer and turning into the person he was
when he first started university. Great. I really don't
like it and I know I have no say in it, but I don't care.
He's still my friend and my friends are not fools.
Anyway, there's not that much new with me. It's just work
and school and that really sucks. Ah well, I guess this is

Take it easy!

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