*Ashleigh Bre*
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2001-09-04 23:33:02 (UTC)

*Just my thoughts!* 0=-)~

*Okay! So today is September 4th! Like 11 days til my
b*day -*yay!*- Justin said he has a surprise for me and I
am sooooo excited! *Sigh* i love that boy!

*Ummm I had to go to the doctor today *so scary* lol~ But
my buddy Aaron came with me, he's such a doll! I love him!

*Chris and I recently started dating and I am like
extremely happy!!! He's the sweetest thing ever! ~*N*~
we're goin' out crusin' tonight! So *yay*! to that!

*Well neway! I know im boring ya and im sorry bout that!
But Im just happy:) haha~! Byez babe!

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