Decaying Cherub

Sift The Seven Grasshopppers
2001-09-04 23:28:20 (UTC)

~*~My First Entry~*~

It's odd....I spent the whole day downloading music and
just laying around. Overall i think it was a wasted day.
I'm depressed, sad and my music did not get me relief this
time. I can't smother my sadness. Maybe writing will let me
ease myself. I believe this journal could turn out to be
intresting. I can tell all mt little secrets & fears. And
no one has to know who I am. I won't have to hide within
myself. I will change names so that I can keep my identity
under the cover. *laugh* But I must go and clean the
kitchen. Maybe I will go for a walk tonight in the back
yard. Maybe. Will write to you soon.

Forever sad,
A Online Writer