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2001-09-04 23:22:39 (UTC)

Last Night Of Summer Vacation

It's pretty depressing thinking that this summer is over so
soon ! It was such a blast ! It all began with Senior Week
in Ocean City... 1 straight week of partying one last time
with all my close friends. 13 of us stayed in a rundown
beach house ! Then came my trip to Ft. Myers Beach, Florida.
Beach bum for a week again. Not to forget my trip to Hershey
Park with the family, and the trip to 6 Flags with my
friends. I worked alot, but I really need the money for
school. Orientation was today ! Whoo hoo ! I went with
Michele and Jamie. We saw more ppl. we knew then ppl. we
didn't know ! It's crazy.. practically my whole graduating
class is going there. The campus is awesome, except for the
fact that I have to hike all the way across campus for one
of my classes. O well.. I need the exercise ! And I finally
have free access to an indoor/inground pool !!! I'll be
taking advantage of that on Tuesday's and Thursday's.
Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's I have to go straight
from school to work, from 1:30-8 pm. That's gonna be
stressful. And being that I have this new computer... I have
no clue how to work my printer or half of the programs on
here! Did I mention I'm stressed ? Well, this is the first
night in a while where I have to go to bed at a resonable
hour. So, I'm gonna go grab something to eat before

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