My Life Story
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2001-09-04 23:00:27 (UTC)


I have come to the conclusion that high school is nothing
more than a big long period of sleep deprivation. Today has
been one of those days where I've had to focus all my
attention and energy on trying to stay awake. I had the
hardest time falling asleep last night. First, I couldn't
decide which bed to sleep in (yes...I have two) and then I
couldn't get comfortable. After all of that, I just laid in
bed till 2:00 just hoping that I would fall asleep. I had
to get up early for an Interact meeting before school
this morning. Trying to force myself out of bed after having only
4 hours of sleep was not a pleasant experience at all. I
got up, though, and I managed to survive the day. I was in
charge of choir today, and one of the things my director wanted
me to do while she was gone was to meet with the officers to
plan a social event for everyone. We really didn't get
anywhere, so if anyone reading this has any kind of a
suggestion, please let me know!!!

~Daria :)