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2001-09-04 22:30:33 (UTC)


While my friends started school today at ghetto-ass Perris
High, I stayed home. I haven't registered for school yet.
And anyways, I'm going to a different school than I went ot
last year. I'm going to be going to Rancho for my sophmore
year. I think I already explained why in another entry, but
if I didn't, my mom's changing me schools basically because
she thinks I'll do better at Rancho. However, school for
Rancho started on the 20th of August, but she didn't want
me to start school if I was going to go to Texas on the
25th. So, now I have a registration meeting on Thursday @
11AM, and I'll probably start school that day. I'm already
nervous. Starting my first day in the middle of school! I
only know about 4 people, but my best friend, Reyna, goes
there, so it's cool *I think!* But hey, it's a new
experience, so I'm up for it.

T-val's punk-ass doesn't even call me. He goes to Perris
High. That makes me feel bad, that I have to call him in
order to talk to him. And half of the time he isn't even
home. He's always out somewhere. But you know what? I'm not
going to call him anymore. Why the hell should I have to
call him in order to talk to him? His ass could call me
every now and then. I'm not kissing ass to him. I could
find someone worth my time to talk to *Damn, where did I
get all that confidence from?*! Now I feel tough. . .yeah!

Okay, anywayz, I think I better be going. If anyone wants
to chat, then just hit me up or something, because, as you
may be able to tell, I ain't got shit-else to do, and I
love making friends!


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