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2001-09-04 22:28:51 (UTC)


Being with you is like trying to make cookies. You and I
have all of the perfect ingrediants, that taste so good
together, but its almost like we've got all of our steps
out of order. We've added when we should've melted, and
blended when we should've stirred. But in the end, no
matter how you put it all together, it will end up the
same. We're just stuck somewhere in between. Maybe someday
we'll have the perfect batter, made into delicious cookies.
Pretty lame analogie, but I hope you get it. Without you I
would have no drama in my life, and nothing critical to
write in here about. Everything seems so good, and then it
turns into a crazy fight over something so stupid. It gets
all worked out, and we realize that fighting give us a
reason to make up... if we ever get the chance. Its your
call buddy. I'm healthy, I'm free, I'm all you want me to
be, I've got no baggage, Can clear my slate in a second...
If you want to do the same. ~wink~ Either way you should
know that I always listen to you and take to heart every
sentence and word you say. Sometimes I just dont understand
the depth in which you speak. Such a romantic and drama
king at heart. But you know I love you for it... As a
friend and always more. Kisses for Kev! It doesnt take much
for me to be happy- just for somebody to love me. Things
wouldn't have to be this hard, if we'd both just chill out
and realize we're retarded for eachother. Cya buddy~

BTW~ the one chance per customer comment might work for some, but
you'll never find anything at first sight. Good things are found
quickly, but great things take time. Dont ruin a great future because
of something that's happened in the past ~wink~

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