of little importance
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2002-12-31 03:23:36 (UTC)

to all

okay so i've noticed that my recent entries have been
pretty much to only one person. and i'm assuming that it's
pretty boring to the rest of you, especially considering
how...enlightening my past entries have been. so...i'm
going back to how i used to write.

eyes downcast
so forlorn
traces of all the
disguises she's worn

hands calloused
no longer soft
traces of all the
paths she's walked

heart aching
so cold inside
traces of all the
times she's lied

my hand meets the hand of someone no one knows
i don't even know this person
slowly our eyes are drawn to each others
we search for answers within one another
answers no one knows
to unasked questions
who do you see we ask together
and together we shake our heads
even my reflection doesn't recognize me

people wonder why it takes so long to get things done.
just think how long it would take to accomplish nothing.

everyone tells you to follow your dreams
but just when you start to that's when you see
they never expected you to go where you please
now that you are well to them it seems
like you're leaving them behind in a faraway dream
and because of this now they don't even want you to be

build me up or break me down
either way i'm moving on
come along or stay behind
take your pick i'm moving on
hold on tight but let me go
cause you know i'm moving on
wave hello but say goodbye
it's my time i'm moving on

secrets make me less important

why ask questions you already know the answers to? true
risk means asking questions you don't know the answers to
and accepting those answers, even if there are none.

you need to look back
and see
what's been left behind in your distance.

most of the times
it's you.

we faced the storm together
but it still left us apart
and the thunder rolled and the rain came down
but it was lightning that tore our hearts

laughter cures everything.
best friends are laughter.

so i don't know if you all liked this style or me writing
to just one person better. personally...i like this way.
but let me know...if you even still read this...and if not
oh well. later all.