of little importance
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2002-12-31 03:06:06 (UTC)

and other things

sorry if i hurt you. but those things needed to be said.
they did. but i didn't want to hurt you. i just wanted to
tell you. and i needed you to listen.

the ninth or the eleventh. hopefully and probably the
eleventh since it's a saturday. if on the ninth then it'll
be like me disappearing since everyone will be unable to
help me move. i think helping me move would make it easier
to say talk to you later (i hate saying bye cause i don't
want it to be actually goodbye) than just disappearing
would. but if it comes to disappearing and not going, then
i'll disappear.

no one ever completely leaves a place unless no one else
remembers them.

kind of scary. thinking that i mean.

this whole thing will be a lot harder financially. for
everyone. like three times more expensive at least. and
i'm going to have to help pay now, whereas here i didn't
have anything to worry about. but i can and i will because
i want to.

willpower and desire lead to some pretty amazing things.

i'm so tired. i stopped sleeping again. it sux.