2001-09-04 21:54:44 (UTC)

hell if I know

Um, hi? Last nite probably wasn't very insightful,
except for showing one of my moments filled with bizarre
issues. O.o ((It's ALL Gothie's fault.))

If you so choose to talk to me, just call me Ty. I'm
almost considered an official adult, (scary, huh?) and I
pretty much have no life outside of my room. Well, there's
school *haack* but that doesn't count- I'm forced to go

Oh yeah, I do theater stuff. I'm a techie .. they stick
me in a box ... I like that box tho. It gets fuuuun.

I tend to doodle too. Anime and furry schtuff mainly.
I'm getting better at it. That reminds me ...
*note to self: draw Legato.* ((hee hee... pretty...))

Latest obsessions include: Trigun and ... um ...
Trigun ... stuff ...

That I can safely say is *NOT* Gothies fault. I found
Vash all by myself ^.^ Say it with me children- "LOVE AND

*ahem* ANYWAY! I do have a website, (www.drktygress.8m.com ) though I
wouldn't recommend going there (I haven't updated since
Feb. and my artwork sucked at that time). I'm working on a
new one with this German ... server .. thing. I'll say when
it's up (or partially up, whatever)

Also, if you just can't get enuf of me-(yea right.) I'm
gonna start writing fanfics again. (www.FanFiction.net) Not sure what
about. *shrugs*

That's pretty much it. I'll probably put more up later,
my brain is starting to fart out.