I am a goddess
2001-09-04 21:29:43 (UTC)

Platonic friendships

Why is it, whoever you really like never likes you and when
you don't want someone to like you they always do. Its
stupid and its not that im not flattered by the attention
its just that its not coming from who i want it to come
from. I think tis because i am a flirt, i flirt with
everybody, not that i realise when im doing it, its just a
habit. But i get told i lead people on, that thye think
because i flirt with them i like them, not true. I do it
without thinking, if i like someone im more prone to hiding
it. Im seriously contemplating m=not having any male
friends because it always leads to something else or at
least an attraction between either me or the friend. Im
beginning to think that its not possible to have a platonic
friendship with someone of the opposite sex, well not in my
case. its really distressing me and i dont know what to do
about it, because my flirting ruins friendships, well at
leat thats what i think the problem is anyway.