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2002-12-31 02:30:59 (UTC)

Pork and Beans For A DAy ... MAn Am i HuRtiN!!!!

ok so yeah my day consisted of pork and beans! all fucking
day it was great!!!! ok so i got up at like 8:45 this
morning and started to get ready and then my sister called
me and we talked for a while and yeah. so i was getting
ready and jay called me and said that they would there to
pickmeupat9:15. ok so i am laying in bed and i was like oh
shit it was 20 after and i thought that they ahd been
sitting in the drive way for like ever but they wornt
so..... then we went and got matt and the durango got
attacted by bo-bo the 3rd and yeah. then we got up to
jiminy at like 10 and we got everything together. we were
in the park most of the day but it was shitty. theywere
hitting the rail all day. i think im gonna hike up and hit
this a few more times. haha it was matts first time up
there so me and jay were like oh lets bring matt to the
park and it was so shitty but they had fun. no tricks for
queen maryjane of the mountin today!haha!!! then matt like
killed a little girl b/c he ran her over and i went by him
and i was laughing my ass off b/c i didnt know what
happend. i thing she broke her arm or something. WHERE
WERE HE PARENTS!!!lol then we went down left bank again.
holy fucking shit mogles and little kid skiers everywere.
it was shitty. the kids were taking up the whole fucking
trail.... all the way accross. i was so pissed i was like
let me TROUGH !!!!!! then i lost them and went in side for a break
and the both came in and jason like broke his wrist and had a big
scrape on his hip. i guess he hit two kickers and didnt land the
last one right and he fell and hit the gravle... yeah gravle in the
middle of the trail!!! i love theses ice and rocky conditions!!
then we were starving like banchees... we had no money and 4 granola
bars and water. so we put
all of out money together and got a soda, a burger and
chicken bites. so yeah over all we had a lot of fun. they
kept bustin on me about how i wouldent go off any
kickers!!! i was so pissed. haha......
then my mom and ass hole came to pick me up and they
thoguht they were cool. i hate them why couldent it just
be my mom picking us up he always has to be there. gerrr!!!
and jason and matt were being fucking retards and were
saying shit and it was pissing mark off so bad. i was
great.haha.... then we droped matt off and on our way up
the mountin we went.... jay was talking about skating and
my mom was like oh what is that trick ? doset it go off
the ground? we could not stop laughing at her!!!! wow...
oh and we had to listin to country the WHOLE way home. oh
my god i like it and all but i was not in the mood for it
at all. i needed something to wake me up/ so yeah.. then i
got home and ate mad food. i wanted to take a shower but i
didnt feel like having to stand up for like ten hrs so...
and my mom was in her bathroom taking a bath.... so i am
still dirty!!! yummmy... i am still freazing and i am sore
as hell i dont even want to think of how i am going to
feel tomarrow. ouch!!!! i am not going ot be able to move.
tomarrow night is going to be so much funn, i cant wate i
am going to mikeys and getting wasted. wohoo!!! then i am
going to have a hang over on wed that is like 99999.9
times worse than my aching muscles. haha ok well i am mad
tired so i am going to go to sleep for a really really
long time.
listing to:um dave zidmans cd

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