2001-09-04 20:56:35 (UTC)

School Sux

Today was a good day except I am waiting on my b/f Robert 2
arrive so he can call me. I dunno why I broke up with him 4
John I love Robert alot more. I can't wait 'til Robert
comes online. I really wanna hear his wonderful voice
again. I think it's sweet. :) He always cheers me up 2.
last night when he called he appologized 4 bein mad at me
and said somethings he didn't mean but I told him it was my
fault that I broke up with him and I would've probably said
the samething. I hope Robert comes on soon. I really miss
him alot.I am happier than I have ever been b-4. :) I am so
gald we're back togther. I have 2 think about another I can
write about him. I really have 2 think hard on this 1. :) I
want this song 2 be really sweet but honest. I remember
when I broke with Robert I almost cried I loved him so much
and still do and always will. :) I hope I never break up
with him again cuz if I do I know I will cry then I can't
live without him. It's like something missing in my life
when I am not with him. I am sure somebody else has the
same prob with a guy or girl they r with. When u r not with
them it seems as though something is missing. I really love
Robert and don't wanna let him go again. This time I was
lucky 2 still be with him and I am proud he waited 4 me.
Next time I may not be lucky.Next time he may get some 1
else and I will be lonely. he is the best guy I have ever
been with and I want 2 stay with him 4-ever. Even though we
may not stay that long I wanna meet him and be his wife
someday. I really hope that happens he is a really sweet
guy. I will never be the same if somethin happens between
us again. Well I g2g now I am talkin 2 my friend and still
waitin 4 Robert. Robert if u ever read this I just want u 2
know this. WhenI was goin wit John I still loved u and
still do 4-ever and ever and ever. Please reamember
that,baby. :) it's true I promise it 2 u from the bottom of
my heart. Peace and love. Bye.