Daily Confessions
2001-09-04 19:49:25 (UTC)

GRR, frustrations of a slave.

I do not know why but everyone is pissing me off to the
point that i want to get physically violent. i have a few
pet peeves.

1.) females who take offense at something just for the
principal of the issue. i.e., chat wise, there's another
chat room set up recently that auctions online slaves (a
complete abomination of the bdsm lifestyle. That's called
cyber-prostitution and slavery not domination and
submission =P) a friend of mine helped out with creating
the room. then the dickheads banned her after she went
through all this work to make a community for them. NOW
she left the room in a huff and wouldn't come back unless
no further conversation was made about the Auction because
another sis said the people in there NOW were just idiots
and wannabes. grrrrrr...

2.)Dom/mes/subs who do not realize that place is bullshit.

These things and more are just some of the things pissing
me off today making my current tasks very difficult. One
being the inability to express any opinion except my

i need to go for a walk. I'll write later. I have an essay
assignment i have to post for Master.