My Days...
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2001-09-04 19:43:57 (UTC)


I just got in from work. I'm so nackered. It was really
quiet tonight so the time dragged and it was really
boring. It's true what they say about the hardest work is
going idle.

Back to college next Monday...Thank God!! I hate these
long summers. They seem to go on forever now-a-days, they
never when I was in school. I'm starting philosophy in
September, just as an extra like. I'm dead excited...I
think it's gonna be really good.

I'm missing Mark incredebly (I'm a crap speller!). I
haven't seen him since last night and I'm not gonna see him
again til Friday. This kills me sometimes. But I know
it's worth it. When I see him on Friday it will be the
best coz we haven't seen each other for a while. I can't
wait. I go all tingly when I think about it!!

I'm off to bed...I could sleep for Wales, after the long
weekend and the lack of sleep tonight. Goodnight.